Founder's Series

A new line of luxury watches, built on the latest design trends, is about to hit stores in your area in a short while. Sentièl Watches.

Sentièl Watches

Our watches are complimented with a second strap for free! Select your favourite strap from our collection and get it for free with orders exceeding €100. You will also receive a free toolkit to change your straps. Mix up your style by adding a leather strap or mesh strap. It’s like having two watches in one! 

Sentièl Watches - Official Store for Minimalist Watches

Our Story

We noticed that a considerable portion of the price of modern-day watches is made up of branding. We believe branding lessens the elegance of the watch itself. At Sentièl Watches we therefore decided to kill two birds with one stone: we strive to offer elegant, timeless watches that stand out because of their subtlety, and that speak for themselves, instead of relying on branding to make an impression.

Watch our trees

Trees are not just a beautiful part of nature, they also serve a lot of purposes. They help clean the air, and reduce CO₂ emissions to help decrease global warming. Trees are also a key ingredient to 25% of medicines. Furthermore, trees provide a habitat for 80% of the biodiversity, and the list goes on and on. Here are six pillars that explain just how important trees are.