Product care and maintenance

Here are some tips on how to keep your watch fresh and working for years to come.


Water resistance:
Our watches are built to withstand water up to 30 meters deep. We do however recommend to not take your watch into the shower, the sauna or the swimming pool. Better be safe than sorry!

Strong shocks may damage your watch mechanics. It is recommended to remove your watch before participating in any sport activities that involve strong impacts. Heavy impact to your watch risks damaging the small pieces that are intricately working together inside your watch. It is also wise to remove your watch before going to bed, as you may hit items in your sleep with your watch.

Analog quartz watches utilize the power of magnetic force in order to drive the step motors to move the rotors. So it is recommended that you keep your watch away from magnets or devices that contain magnets.

Watch straps

All jewellery will fade with time, but here are some tips on making your watch straps last longer.

  • Avoid chemicals.
  • If leather: don’t go swimming with your watch and avoid contact with water.
  • Don’t sleep with your watch on; you might make movements in your sleep which damage the watch.
  • Clean the surface as soon as in comes in contact with organic liquids.

Our Story

We noticed that a considerable portion of the price of modern-day watches is made up of branding. We believe branding lessens the elegance of the watch itself. At Sentièl we therefore decided to kill two birds with one stone: we strive to offer elegant, timeless watches that stand out because of their subtlety, and that speak for themselves, instead of relying on branding to make an impression.